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Since 1955 to present, “Leung’s Wooden Company Limited” has already established in Hong Kong for more than ten years. Our company was doing timber construction for our main purpose, like residential building construction, commercial building construction and hotel construction and the schoolwork etc. For captioned projects, we were mainly to produce timber doors, cabinets, flooring, skirting, false ceiling etc. Moreover, we would also help the other people to decorate and design a masterpiece product for their dream house in order to fulfill their wants and satisfied their dream by the same time.

In Hong Kong, we had got an office in a crucial area which was the most convince to any places. Furthermore, our factory have got 310 labours to work for us which were mainly to produce the timber products for any kind of construction jobs in Hong Kong.

In addition, we would also pick up any construction jobs in all over the world in order to change our company become more international and build up a good reputation in the world. Hereby, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are having interest to our works and products.

Best Regards,
Leung’s Wooden Company Limited